Ergin İnan, who graduated from the Painting Department of the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts (now Marmara University) in 1968, attended the Salzburg Summer Academy with Prof. Emilio Vedova and Prof. He worked with Mac Zimmerman. Between 1985-1986, he was a visiting professor at the Berlin School of Fine Arts.

The search for synthesis of Eastern and Western cultures is observed in the paintings of the artist, whose art is based on the examination and interpretation of the meta-physical meaning between existence and extinction from his own perspective. Starting from the 1970s, he reflects the visual and symbolic relationships established between images in his works, in which he deals with insects and human figures. In addition to these, he also included cultural images from ancient civilizations from time to time and evaluated them in the same artistic context. Inan, who makes use of many different materials and techniques in his works, uses wood, duralite, paper or handmade special papers, etc., as well as canvas. He uses different techniques and materials on carriers such as oil paint, watercolor, tempera, colored ink and collage. His works are in museums of countries such as Germany, Norway, England, Belgium, Netherlands, Japan and in many private collections at home and abroad.

Ergin İnan, who started to work with EArt in 2019, has been globally represented by EArt Gallery as of 2022.


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