The books of TASCHEN, the famous art book publisher founded by Benedikt Taschen in Cologne, Germany in 1980, are offered for sale in the store designed within EArt Gallery. Designed specifically for the TASCHEN brand, which will be located in an art gallery for the first time, the patterns on the walls of the store […]

EArt Gallery is pleased to announce Patrick Rubinstein’s representation in Türkiye! Born in Paris in 1960, Patrick Rubenstein is known all over the world for his innovative kinetic art that combines aspects of Pop Art and Op Art. Rubinstein’s work often features iconic images from popular culture, music, cinema and history, from Matisse to Marilyn […]

Integrating the fascinating world of art into ALEM Art Weekend, EArt Gallery went beyond the traditional gallery space and introduced the works of six contemporary artists to visitors with the ‘Encounter’ exhibition held at Mandarin Oriental Bodrum Hotel between 2-11 June. In “Encounter”, curated by Marcus Graf, which invites the audience to think about today’s […]

EArt Gallery is pleased to announce the Turkish representation of Eelco Hilgersom! Eelco Hilgersom, born in Amsterdam in 1979, looks for contrasts in shape, color or material in all his works. “My goal is to touch and draw observers into the work through the contrasts and complexity of the piece.” The artist uses different techniques […]

The bottles and packaging of Rebul’s 4 iconic colognes were reinterpreted with the designs of EArt’s young artists Ertuğrul Berberoğlu, Burcu Yavuz, Gülçin Aslandoğan and Seydi Murat Koç. With its limited edition special collection, EArt Gallery continues to play an active role between the work and the audience while explaining to the masses that contemporary […]