Rebul X EArt Gallery

The bottles and packaging of Rebul’s 4 iconic colognes were reinterpreted with the designs of EArt’s young artists Ertuğrul Berberoğlu, Burcu Yavuz, Gülçin Aslandoğan and Seydi Murat Koç. With its limited edition special collection, EArt Gallery continues to play an active role between the work and the audience while explaining to the masses that contemporary art is accessible and interpretable.

Ertuğrul Berberoğlu, known for his three-dimensional works that make the audience feel like they can activate the emotions and thoughts they desire; He defines his inspiration for his reinterpreted ‘Mandarine’ as follows; “Mandarine”, the visual world of which I designed by carrying the sensory connotation of citrus fruits that take us back to our childhood with their scent, to a different dimension, deforms and removes the walls we build in our adulthood and opens the door to a childhood longing.”

Rebul’s mysterious scent ‘Dark Spice’; Burcu Yavuz: “In my works, I use the unknown and mysterious dimensions of the cosmos without creating the perception of time and space. Each figure represents energies. In this work, I designed the reality of abstract perception and feeling for the visual world of “Dark Spice”.” It comes to life with its interpretation. In this collection, we feel the three-dimensional world that the artist presents in his works, where there is no time and space in the unknown of the universe.

Gülçin Aslandoğan, known for the color transitions she uses, takes us on a journey between colors in the design she created for ‘Ice’, which evokes energetic and striking feelings with its scent, and defines her starting point as follows; “Explosion”, which symbolizes birth, tells about people coming and leaving the world. The arrows represent the rapid flow of time and the energy of people, with this coming and going. You can feel all this energy with “Ice”, the visual world of which I designed.”

For the scent of ‘Bouquet’, interpreted by Seydi Murat Koç with traces from the “People’s World” series, which he presented before us with a thin line of hope and naive excitement, the artist said: “By bringing together the deer figure that I used in my works in the People’s World series with the theme of nature and love, the visual world of “Bouquet” is created. I designed it. “I reflected the spirit of a sudden and striking love story in this design, which the scent of ‘Bouquet’ reminded me of, with flowers and elegance passing through it.”