28. Nis 18. Haz 22


EArt Gallery hosts specially selected works of contemporary artists from their series with its exhibition titled “CONTACT”, inspired by its first meeting with Istanbul, in its new space in Kağıthane.

Burcu Yavuz, one of the artists in the exhibition, has a new series in which she works three-dimensionally to provide depth and movement by eliminating the concept of concrete time and concrete space; She takes art lovers to the endless unknown with “Loop”.

In the exhibition where we see works from Ertuğrul Berberoğlu’s new series “Passage”, the artist invites the audience to the journey of a new path with his sculptures that create the effect of a crumpled wall. The exhibition also includes works from the artist’s “Fall” series, which makes visitors feel the possibility of passing through the walls into a new space with a single step.

Differentiating herself with the tone embossing technique in her series, Gülçin Aslandoğan takes part in the exhibition with her “Barcode”, “Bang” and “Hive” series, with the color transitions she uses between 280 and 560 tones. Alea Pınar du Pre, using the opportunities offered by the digital age, created a new fiction by overlapping portraits from different angles on the traditional material canvas, and this time she looked at the portraits of popular stars she created with collages on the scale of the concept of space/time and focused on the illusionist images she left in her mind. It meets art lovers at the exhibition with its “Space Time” series.