03. Mar 24

“Paper and Pen” Preview

EArt Gallery is hosting the solo exhibition titled “Paper and Pen” by Ergin İnan, one of the leading names of Turkish contemporary art, of which globally represented by EArt, as of Saturday, March 9, within the scope of the gallery program for the 2023-2024 period.

In “Paper and Pen”, curated by Marcus Graf and previewed on the evening of March 4, Ergin İnan’s drawings, which have formed the basis of his works since the mid-1960s, appear before the audience in a single exhibition for the first time.

Emphasizing the conceptual power of the artist’s paper works and the formal structures that combine abstraction, “Paper and Pen” functions as a retrospective showing the artistic development of the master by conveying the past and present state of İnan’s drawings.

“Paper and Pen”, which powerfully expresses the importance and richness of the oldest discipline of visual arts, can be visited at EArt Gallery Istanbul until Sunday, April 7.