Gülçin Aslandoğan, who has been dealing with art for 40 years, has progressed in different sectors in terms of graphics, patterns and design with her own techniques. The artist, who has been producing his works in the field of painting for the last 10 years, has been working with acrylic paint, especially by combining the color scale with new techniques she has found.

The artist’s “Barcode”, “Burst”, “Fors” and “Hive” series are included in the collections of many institutions and individuals at home and abroad. In particular, the color transitions between 280 and 560 tones used in the “Barcode” series and the tonal reliefs in the “Burst” and “Hive” series differentiate the artist’s technique and attract great attention from art lovers.

Aslandoğan’s oeuvre is a great example of contemporary abstract painting, as she bravely combines minimal aesthetics with an expressive visuality for underlining the power of form and color.

Gülçin Aslandoğan has been represented by EArt Gallery since 2020.

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