British abstract artist Nat Bowen, known worldwide for her vibrant, multi-layered resin paintings, uses the study of Chromology, the psychology behind color, as the basis for her art. Chromology is incorporated into the work as a way to communicate nonverbally through color, with the viewer having a physical and emotional response to the art based on their own perceptions and personal experiences. In her works, Bowen uses rare and valuable pigments brought from around the world, including the purest Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan, 4.6 billion-year-old meteorite dust from Morocco, and natural soil from the volcanic regions of Iceland. Known for her diamond artworks ‘Black Diamond’ and ‘Pink Diamond’, each featuring 1000 carats of genuine crushed diamonds suspended in resin, Nat Bowen announced her collaboration with McLaren during her residency at ME Dubai in February 2022, featuring her signature colorful created the Nat Bowen x McLaren Artura, a one-of-a-kind supercar featuring works of art. Nat Bowen has been working with EArt Gallery since the beginning of 2023.

Selected Works