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Integrating the fascinating world of art into ALEM Art Weekend, EArt Gallery went beyond the traditional gallery space and introduced the works of six contemporary artists to visitors with the ‘Encounter’ exhibition held at Mandarin Oriental Bodrum Hotel between 2-11 June.

In “Encounter”, curated by Marcus Graf, which invites the audience to think about today’s life and the current state of contemporary art, Ergin İnan, Burcu Yavuz and Alea Pınar du Pre exhibited works in the field of figurative art, while Gülçin Aslandoğan, Ertuğrul Berberoğlu and Eelco Hilgersom exhibited individual approaches to abstraction.

While Ergin İnan’s work explores the complex connection between culture and nature by combining images of insects, people and historical writings in a holistic visual matrix in which the viewer can think about their relationship with the world, Burcu Yavuz’s examination of the relationship between the individual and society shows how modern people are anonymous in the metropolitan crowds. It reveals that it has turned into a particle. Unlike Burcu Yavuz, Alea Pınar du Pre focuses on the individual through her beautiful portraits that give each person a multi-layered personality.

Gülçin Aslandoğan’s works are a great example of contemporary abstract painting as she boldly combines minimal aesthetics with expressive imagery to highlight the power of form and color.

Ertuğrul Berberoğlu’s abstract canvases, which transform his three-dimensional structures into relief-like pieces where the bright colors strengthen the psycho-visual effect, stand on the threshold between painting and sculpture. Finally, Eelco Hilgersom’s work intertwines the fields of art and design, creating sculptures that, in addition to their great inherent artistic quality, reference pop culture, luxurious works of beauty and desire.