11. Eki 23

“Noumenon” The Appearance Beyond Preview

Ertuğrul Berberoğlu, who has become an important representative of contemporary abstract painting in recent years, presents his selection, which presents the current aesthetic status and intellectual basis of his art, to the audience between 13 October and 05 November, under the curatorship of Marcus Graf.

The conceptual framework of the exhibition, whose preview took place on the night of October 11, and the philosophical basis of the pieces presented are based on Ertuğrul Berberoğlu’s interpretation of Immanuel Kant’s concept of “pure reason”.

In his first solo exhibition at EArt Gallery, Berberoğlu contributes to the revival of today’s abstract art by going beyond traditional issues and working methods, standing in a different place from classical formalism and notions of autonomy, combining autobiographical connections with sociocultural references to express his ideas about his own life and the world he lives in.

The exhibition “Noumenon; The Appearance Beyond” by Ertuğrul Berberoğlu, who went beyond the limitations of classical painting and found meaningful ways to create abstract art, can be visited at EArt Gallery until Sunday, November 5.